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How to add a festival/special-event page to my site

A festival or special-event page looks something like this. It's a page that draws from your movie database to show selected movies and their movie times.

1. Log in to your site’s admin area (e.g.,

2. Click Pages.

3. Type a page name and click Add!.

4. Enter a Page Description, this text will appear in Google search results pages.

5. Next, add content to your page, click Open the Page Editor.

6. In the page editor, you might want to add text about the special event to the top of page.

7. Next, drag and drop the Add Movie(s) icon onto the page beneath the text.

8. Select Movie with Times.

9. Select the desired movies from the list. (Note: You’ll need to add movies in My Veezi or Vista’s Back Office before they will appear here.)

10. Click Add Movies. The selected movies and their session times appear on the page:


11. Save the page.

12. Refresh your site in your browser, and check the festival/special-event page looks like you expect it to.

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