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How to add a Cookie Notification (pop-up) and Policy Page

There are two elements here: a Cookie Policy Page (the details of your policy) and Cookie Notification (a website pop-up).

First, the Cookie Policy Page:

1. Create a new page in your admin.

2. Here you need to add your Cookie Policy. 

3. Once you've created the page. Note the URL.

Note: The following are the Cookies that most Your Cinema websites have by default and should be included in your Cookie Policy. However, the client may have additional cookies they need to declare.

  • Geo-Location Data Cookies: Our website uses region-detection cookies to determine the appropriate cinema information to display for your location. 

  • Google: We use Google services including Google Analytics to analyse our web traffic and the use of our site. This data is aggregated. Learn how to opt-out of Google Analytics here.

Lastly, you may want to set up a Cookie Notification - see an example here.

The Your Cinema team can set this up for you.

1. Please email and let us know:

- Your website (URL)

- Your Cookie Notification URL (the page you created above)

- We will use the copy seen in the example above, or if you have preferred copy let us know.

2. Wait for us to come back to you with confirmation this is done.

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