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How to add a Facebook widget to my sidebar

A Facebook widget embeds your Facebook timeline into your page. Eg: see the right hand sidebar on our sample site.

1. Copy your cinema’s Facebook page link (e.g.,

2. Visit Facebook’s Page Plugin page.

3. Paste the link you copied into the Facebook Page URL field.

4. In the Width field, enter 262.

5. Click Get Code.

The JavaScript SDK pop-up appears.​​

6. Copy the code from the first box (the JavaScript SDK).

Note: Leave the pop-up open because you’ll need to come back and copy the code from second box.

7. Log in to your YC admin area (e.g.,

8. Click Settings.

9. Paste the code you copied in step 6 into the Footer Scripts box.

10. Click Update.

Now we can place the widget on your website.

11. In the main menu, click Promotional.

12. In the Sidebar Placements section, enter a name for your Facebook widget and click Add!

13. Go back to the JavaScript SDK pop-up on the Facebook site.

14. Copy the code from the second box (under ‘Step 2’).

15. Go back to your site’s admin area.

16. Paste the code into the Embed Code field.

17. Click Make Live? (so it’s green) and then Save.

18. Refresh your site’s homepage in your browser, and check the Facebook widget appears in the sidebar.​

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