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How to add an item to the homepage carousel

This is the promotional position at the top of your homepage. It's a place to showcase your big releases, your advanced ticket sales, promotions and ... anything you want! See an example on our sample homepage.

  1. Find a textless, high-definition image of the film. (We recommend starting with 1920x1080px or higher.)

  2. Resize / crop the image to 1141x422. (We recommend using Photoshop to do this, but you can also use free tool such as Paint.NET or GIMP.)

  3. Export to the JPEG format.

  4. Log in to your site’s admin area (e.g.,

  5. Click Promotional.

  6. In the Homepage Carousel section, enter a name for the image and click Add!.

  7. Drag and drop the JPEG file into the box at the bottom of the form.

   8. Add text into the “Promotional Title” field. This will appear as bold text on front end.

   9. Add text to the “Promotional Subtitle” field. (Usually a tagline or description of event).

 10. If you want a button linking to a page with more-info, add the end-result page URL into the “Link” field.

 11. Add text to your button with the “Button Text” field.

 12. Click Save.

 13. Refresh your site in your browser, and check the image appears in the carousel as you expect it to.

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