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How to work with movies - if you're running a multi-location website on Veezi.



* Coming Soon movies are classed 'Coming Soon' (ie: showing on your Coming Soon page) by having a release date in the future.
* This release date can be set in Veezi and pulls through to the Your Cinema site.
* However, in Veezi you can only enter a single release date. So, when you have a single Veezi account with multiple locations - the Your Cinema site can only see the one release date. 
* This means, both of your Your Cinema locations will have the same release dates.


Your Cinema has created a work around to allow different release dates for different locations:

1. Set up a Coming Soon film as normal in Veezi. Once it's pulled through...
2. Login in to your admin, and make sure you have selected the relevant location in the top navigation bar.
3. Go to MOVIES, select the movie you wish to change.
4. In this screen, you will see an option to set a release date. Change this to the desired date, and UNCHECK the tickbox 'Release Date - Receive updates' (this should happen automatically).
By unchecking the tickbox, this means you have given the movie a release date specific to that location and turned off updates from Veezi/Vista (for the release date field) so it won't be overwritten on next import.
5. Hit SAVE

This movie, for the selected location, now has a new release date independent of the release date you've entered in Veezi.

To remove a Coming Soon film from a location...

Complete the above steps, but give it a release date in the past.

Your Coming Soon page is filtered to show all films with a release date in the future. So, by giving a release date in the past, it won't show here.

To show a film as Coming Soon, but without a specific release date...

Complete the above steps, but also check the checkbox 'Hide Release Date and show as Coming Soon'.

This forces the Coming Soon page to show the film, but hide the release date.

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